Experiencing sexual harassment is one of the most difficult situations that a person can face in the workplace. No workplace is immune from sexual harassment.
Sexual harassment is a type of gender based violence.
Wherever sexual harassment occurs, it must be stopped.

Gender based violence and harassment is a human rights issue that affects workplace relations, worker engagement, health, productivity, and the quality of public and private services.
We are commited to stop it. Join us. TAKE YOUR PLEGDE, SHARE IT, JOIN THE MOVEMENT TO STOP GBV.

Media has the power to influence billions and billions of people, entire societies. But unfortunately media is plagued with gender stereotypes that affect the public perception of reality. Stereotypes affects us all; particularly women. Their use installs concepts of what to expect of women and of what women can expect of themselves.

So, if media has the incredible effect of being able to influence billions of people around the world, it also has the power to mold and change the reality around us. And this can be dangerous, particularly when it comes to issues like stereotypes.

This year we will focus our Break the Circle against Violence campaign on a different type of violence against women: violence in the media and how the stereotypes often seen on television, printed press, etc., are determining the way we think and the way we act, establishing patterns that contribute to violence. Let´s change the media. Let´s change reality.

This year we wanted it to raise awareness on the fact that gender violence is a problem that concerns both men and women, and we wanted to focus on the role of men and include them as agents of change. This is why we decided to call this year's campaign: "BE MAN ENOUGH. BE A LEADER AGAINST GENDER VIOLENCE".

We have developed a series of tools and information that will help us spread the message and raise awareness.

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The Equal Opportunities office at UNI is launching the second part of Break the Circle! Campaign against gender violence.

This time the campaign is focused on violence at work.

The aim of this campaign is to discuss and reflect on the necessary elements for work violence to exist, and detect ways in which organizations provoke its presence.

The Equal Opportunities office at UNI is launching the Break the Circle! Campaign against gender violence. As gender inequality causes gender violence, and violence only increases inequality, help us Break the Circle!

The campaign objective is not only to reflect on gender violence and its causes but also to provide action tools to the true protagonists of this change: men and women who, day in day out, struggle for a fairer and more equitable world for all.

We hope this campaign reaches every corner of the planet. For this to happen, we count on everybody’s support